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18 September 2023

A cool and recognizable character – what is he like?


Close your eyes for a second and remember three colorful cartoon characters. Remember?

Why do you think these are the ones that came to your mind? What do they have in common, even though they are very different?

Regardless of whether the character is positive or negative, old cartoon or modern, what style the character is drawn in and what universe it belongs to, all characters have something in common.


The iconic silhouette

Let’s do a little experiment. Guess who is in this picture?


It probably wasn’t hard at all – that’s how a good silhouette works for character recognition.


Color combination

Disney’s Winnie the Pooh is yellow and wears a red shirt. Piglet from the Russian cartoon is pink (which makes sense), and dresses in blue pants with a white plaid. Now remember the colors that belong to Disney’s Little Mermaid, the color of Bunny’s costume from “Well, Wait” or the colors of Dipper’s cap from “Gravity Falls”.


Color plays an important role in the character’s look too.


Characteristic details

Rick’s grandpa’s white robe and crazy hairdo from “Rick and Morty,” the red cap and teapot on Wirt and Gregory’s heads from “Across the Hedge,” the hairstyle, forehead mole and many rings on Yubaba’s fingers from “Gone with the Ghosts.” The details of the image are very memorable and can tell a lot about the character of the hero.


Especially for those who love colorful characters and want to learn how to draw them, Skills Up School has the course Character Design in Animation.


The course teaches you how to make character concepts that can tell a whole story with their looks alone! We focus on how to make a character functional for animation, but if you just want to make up and style characters, the course will be useful too.

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