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18 September 2023

Free brushes for ZBrush

Want to diversify your collection of sculpting brushes in ZBrush? We’ve prepared an in-depth piece from Skills Up School’s 3D course supervisor Ladislava Klyarovska.

Ladislava advises which brushes to download first and shares them – yes, yes, after the text you’ll find a link to free brushes for ZBrush.

ladislava 1

– First, I want to caution those who think brushes will dramatically raise their level of sculpting. It isn’t. Introduce new brushes carefully, otherwise instead of mastering the base you will try different brushes and not understand why they do not work in your hands as in the tutorials.

This is especially true for texture brushes. In order for them to help you and embellish your work, the basic pattern must be finished, the volumes must be readable, and the mesh must be even, with no creases or weird holes. All the packs and brushes, which will be discussed in the material, you will find at the link after the text.


Orb brush pack

One of the most popular and commonly used brushes in sculpting. This is a great addition suited primarily for those who work with environments and weapons. You can easily make solid objects, process them and add artistic chipping.

Orb brush pack


Fur and hair brush

This pak I recommend for beginners – a set of three brushes that will help you make hair and coat textures easily and save time. The result obtained after working with these brushes requires not much effort for finishing.

Fur and hair brush set


brush Stitches

The next pak is a variety of stitching and small folds that are sometimes so lazy to sculp. I’ll warn you right away: even if you use such a brush, you still need to refine the details so that repetitive elements don’t catch your eye. But the initial direction of the folds is set perfectly by the brush.

Brush Set Stitches


Chain brush

I suggest looking into an insert brush that makes chains. It’s hard to downplay its usefulness, considering that there are many types of chains, and this brush will at least provide a few options.

Chain brush set


Free hair brush

The final addition would be the insert brush that makes the strands. It would seem that why the need for a second hair brush? But thanks to it, you’ll be able to pull a variety of tentacles, braids, ropes, and more with minimal customization.

Free hair brush set


Here’s where you can download the brushes I told you about: download link.

All the brushes I use personally, they are tried and tested in my work. I hope they find a place in your brush collection or maybe be the start of one.

Everyone have a good creative mood and keep the programs running!


At Skills Up School, you can learn 3D graphics from scratch. We have courses starting regularly:

3D Express is a powerful start: you will learn the basic knowledge of 3D, learn to work in modern 3D programs, understand how and for what 3D graphics is used.

3D Basic – for those who want to master the full cycle of 3D model creation: from dummy in 3Ds Max to sculpting in Zbrush with the process of retopology and preparation of the model for texturing.

3D Blender – An in-depth look at Blender and additional programs for creating sweeps and textures.

There is also a package of 3D courses for those who want to dive deep into the subject, build a portfolio and get a job as a 3D Artist.
3D Artist
after just one year of intensive training.


Check out our helpful article“an instructional guide with the most common problems in ZBrush and their solutions“, as well as an Overview of the most popular Zbrush brushes

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