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18 September 2023

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We continue to tell you how to become a professional artist from scratch. Today we’re going to talk about How to build a dialog with the employer at the interview and why it is important not only to answer questions, but also to ask them.

At the end of the material you will find examples of questionsthat you can (and should!) ask before accepting an offer from a company.

The material was prepared on the basis of the methodical manual with tips for beginner artists from the expert Tatiana Nazhimova*.

*Tatiana Najimova

– 2
D-artist with eight years of experience in mobile game development. Now as a Senior Artist, she works with CM Games and through her experience, she explains how life works for gamemade companies and helps aspiring artists feel more confident in the industry.

First dialog with the employer

– The interview stage comes after successful completion of the test. The conversation can be quick, but sometimes it drags out over several meetings/calls with different people. At the first meeting, you will be greeted by the recruiter and, in all likelihood, your future supervisor.

All candidates are nervous in interviews. Therefore, the conversation is usually started on distracted topics to soften things up. Then you’ll be told about working for the company, you’ll discuss in detail anything that wasn’t mentioned in correspondence earlier, and you’ll ask your questions.

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You will be asked what you expect from working for the company, what your plans are for personal development and what professional skills you are most interested in developing. You may be thinking, “I don’t care, as long as I get some work in gamemade.” Of course, you shouldn’t say it directly, because sincerity of such a plan will be seen as “I’ll get experience from you and move on”.

Yes, communication in the industry is often informal, but still. talk about work-related topics like professionals..

Example of an answer

“You say that the project lacks artists of the environment. Lately I’ve been into studying architectural history and have been doing a lot of sketching. It would be very interesting for me to continue to delve into this topic within your project, to stylize the work for the desired setting. For example, I can reinforce the narrative in the setting with interesting pass-hacks, which will definitely make the locations in the game memorable and interactive”.

In other words, everything you say should be for the benefit of the company..

How do I prepare for an interview?

– First, explore the company’s website – be sure to check out the About tab and familiarize yourself with the company in general terms. As you look through your portfolio of projects, note which one you like best and why. Visit the company’s social media pages – you can find useful information there too.

Remember. Knowing what the company is working on will help you be in context as early as the first meeting.

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Write out the issues that concern you most. Work on their wording, still giving priority to the company’s interests. Don’t hesitate to ask the most trivial ones on your mind – everyone realizes you’re a newbie.

I get the impression from your questions how serious you are about results, how willing you are to learn to be independent.

Examples of questions

  • What types of tasks need work the most right now – icons, rendering from a 3D model, character, decor, or something else?
  • What are the company’s expectations of me as a professional?
  • Is there an onboarding plan for employees with no experience?
  • How does an artist’s working day usually go – what time does it start and finish, are there any peculiarities?
  • Can I work remotely?

At the end of all interviews, you will be written an offer letter or rejection letter. On refusal you can ask for feedbackif it wasn’t obvious to you.

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