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18 September 2023

How to write a resume for an artist and illustrator (download sample)

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How to write a resume for an artist and illustrator to land a dream job? Read on in our expert piece, and look for it at the end sample CV and a handy checklist to check yourself.

Expert Tatiana Nazhimova, 2D artist with eight years of experience in mobile game development. Now as a Senior Artist, Tatiana is working with CM Games and through her experience she explains how life works in game development companies and helps aspiring artists feel more confident in the industry.

The material was released as part of the special project Map of Professions from Skills Up School.

If a portfolio is the visual part of your presentation as a specialist, a resume is an explanatory note, but it is no less important to recruiters. So I recommend for each specific job opening, edit your resume to best fit the position. A recruiter allocates up to 10 seconds per resume, and your job is to hook him with the right information.

Write no more than one pagedry and clear. Include name, city, education, and contact information. For the photo, choose a shoulder-length portrait on a solid-colored background.

If you have experience in gamemaking, describe it. If no, list relevant project experience. These can be personal projects, projects with a group of enthusiasts, freelancing, assets for sale on different platforms. Include the name of the project and what you were responsible for.

List your hard skills, i.e. what you can do and what programs you are familiar with. Don’t write soft skills like responsible, competent, friendly – let the recruiter make these conclusions later, at the interview.

Attach to your resume cover letter – A short message addressed personally to the recipient. It is not very common in the post-Soviet space, but it is another opportunity to draw attention to your candidacy.

In your cover letter, tell us where you found the vacancy, why you want to work in this particular company (interesting projects, similar values, comfortable and familiar environment, etc.), how you will be useful, what skills you want to develop, you can mention your career plans.

Have you put together a résumé yet? Check yourself off the checklist!

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Download a sample resume for artist and illustrator: download link.

Start your way into gamemaking at Skills Up School – enroll in 2D and 3D graphics courses in Moscow, St. Petersburg and online. You can choose courses on the school’s website, to enroll write to the manager in the chat (the one that appears in the bottom right corner!).

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