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Шапка Дизайн игрового интерфейса

Game interface design

We try ourselves in the profession of “interface artist” and draw an interface for a mobile game from scratch.
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On the course you will learn about the components of the interface, the functions of each asset (which element is responsible for what), the principles of UI design, learn the base of raster and vector tools Adobe Photoshop and step-by-step draw the interface design for a mobile game.

And we'll also tell you about the secret "make pretty" button, or how to use filters, customizations, and shapes instead of drawing.

The course will also allow you to gain technical skills in Adobe Photoshop and move on to the art base in the flagship 2D graphics courses Basic, Middle, High and Pro.

Возможность проходить курс из любой точки мира

Поддержка комьюнити

Чат для общения с другими студентами и куратором

Устойчивая база в любом направлении

Системный подход

Новые проекты в портфолио и скиллы в резюме

How the training takes place

Listen to the lecture and complete the assignment


Receive advice from the curator and make edits


Gain knowledge and build a portfolio

Как проходит обучение
Кому подходит Дизайн игрового интерфейса

Who is the training suitable for:

  • Those who have no experience in drawing, but have a desire to try their hand as an interface artist
  • Those who have experience drawing with traditional materials and want to try their hand as an interface artist
  • Those who want to pump up their 2D graphics knowledge with examples of current projects for games
  • For students of drawing and 3D who want to try drawing in Photoshop

Works of Curators

What you will learn

Work in the graphic editor Adobe Photoshop

Научитесь быстрой работе в Photoshop

Know and understand the basic components of the game interface

Научитесь понимать составляющие интерфейса

Know and understand UI design principles: simplification, scale, expressive silhouette, rhythms, tone and color

Научитесь понимать принципы UI

Making TOR and drawing sketches of the future interface according to it is one of the most important stages of design development

Научитесь составлять ТЗ и рисовать скетчи

Create designs in the same style and theme

Создавать дизайн в одной стилистике и тематике

Organize the project for the portfolio

Научитесь оформлять проект игровая графика

Training formats

Individual - 21%
Длительность курса: 2 months
  • Занятия проходят в уютных студиях в Москве и Петербурге
  • Личное общение с куратором и студентами (без камер и микрофонов, зато с печеньками!)
  • Строгие дедлайны
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