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Bring a friend and get a discount on courses!

Are you studying or have you studied with us? Invite your friend, colleague or acquaintance to join our community too, and each of you will get 10% discount on Skills Up courses, and you will get a cashback on future purchases 😉 😉

  • To receive the 10% discount, a friend must pay the entire course fee at once or purchase the course on an installment plan from the bank;
  • The discount is valid if the friend has not trained with us before;
  • After purchasing another course, you will receive a promo code for a 10% discount;
  • Cashback will be credited to your Skills Up Cash loyalty program account after a friend has completed a month of training on the purchased course (except for express courses, if you buy another express course, cashback will be credited to your account immediately);
  • In the message to the friend’s managers, you should include your full name and phone number so we can verify the data;
  • If more than one person came from you, a promo code is given and the cashback is credited for each new student;
  • Promo codes can be stacked, but not to exceed 45% on course purchases;
  • Discount promo codes are valid for 1 year from the date of issue;
  • The promotion is valid for future purchases, you can’t go back in time and get a discount on an already purchased course, unfortunately.


❤ Argument 354 in favor of learning to draw with friends: a joint hobby unites, makes relationships deeper and more exciting – you will support each other in co-creation, and you can also create a project together during or after the training ❤