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18 September 2023

Draw a stylized palm tree

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Finding your own style and “voice” in projects is not an easy path, but it is also a skill that can and should be developed. Let’s start rocking it right now – with a simple but very effective styling exercise. This exercise is one of the optional assignments in the online Stylization course.

We will stylize plants – rich material for creative interpretation! You can use the suggested reference or choose any other reference.

1. Look carefully at the reference, studying the silhouette of the plant.

2. Add figurative characteristics to the plant of choice: stable/fragile; aggressive/good; cheerful/sad.

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3. Then draw silhouettes: at least three variants for each of the selected “image” pairs.

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4. Finalize the silhouette in color, adding details.

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You drew it? Do you get the urge to style everything you see around you? We understand you, support you and call you to the
Skills Up School’s online styling course.

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During the course you will create two projects in which you will work on location, stylization of plants, objects and animals. You will also experiment with form, ideas and composition with individual feedback from your tutor.

Find out more details and sign up on the course page.

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