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18 September 2023

Tutorial: drawing magic fire

In this tutorial from the Skills Up School team, we will learn how to draw a magical fire.

The secret to the magic is this: confident shape work + brush settings + a couple of blending modes – and the magic will happen! Let’s go)

1. Draw a quick sketch of the fire using a pressure brush

2. Work out the lines on a separate layer, add small details

1 sajt 3

3. Draw an even shape with the Pen tool, select it and add color stretches with a soft brush inside the shape

4. Add filter-blur-motion blur with the specified (in the picture) settings. Set the dynamics of the fire movement

2 sajt 3

5. Add brighter and warmer flares inside the mold using a soft brush and eraser

6. Increase brightness and saturation to the center of the flashes

3 sajt 3

7. On the layer in Linear dodge mode draw the yellow center of the fire glow. Sparks are outlined with lilac color using a soft brush, and the central part – with yellow color using a brush with hard edges and setting Transfer

8. Freshen the shape and enhance the glow on the layer in Hard Light mode

The flame is ready!

4 sajt 3

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